How to Survive 

As evolutionized animals, we ought to have innate abilities to navigate the world and survive in it. By nature, we should have astute senses of observation and a keen sense of suspicion. Hence, the birds fly home before a storm and the queen ant never allows another from its colony to procreate. 

Unfortunately, we’ve become so mobile-absorbed that we bump into others on the streets or stand in the way of racing cyclists. We’ve lost the habit and skill of observation, of our environment and others. Many social experiments prove our lack of ability by switching out elements without us realising. For example, a man conversing with us could change his bag covertly without us ever realising. This is also why most of us make great victims of theft.

We have too abandoned our suspicion, to trust in authority and society. Certainly, the men in blue must serve justice and the men in white must deliver us from our sins. How do we know the truth of their character or its consistency? 

Hence, this brings me to our current hussle with fake news. If we have keener senses of observation, we can sniff out biasness and fluff with little effort. If we are more skeptical, we will employ due dilligence to ascertain truth. If we return to polish our innate abilities, we can navigate and survive in a world that is becoming more primal, more dangerous. If we are just plain lazy, then we have no one else to blame for our belief in falsehoods.


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