A Note on Tourette Syndrome

People with tourette syndrome have tics – involuntary movements and/or vocalisations. Having tics has been described as “wanting to sneeze” or “having an itch”, and suppressing them is impossible or can make them worse. At times, some experience tics so severe as to cause whole body convulsions, akin to seizures.

People with tourette syndrome are normal persons with intellectual capability, skills and talents. If not for these uncontrollable gesticulations, they would be just like us, with functional lives. What makes life difficult for them is our lack of understanding of their condition and our inacceptance of differences. Most of them face constant bullying and obviously, invite unpleasant stares in public. The embarrassment they constantly face causes anxiety disorders and even depression. 

What we don’t understand, we misunderstand and cause unnecessary hurt. Hence, it is important for all educators, children, members of the public to be educated on the syndrome and to provide support and acceptance to these people.


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