The Illusion of Attention

It is a common complaint that one simply can’t focus. Yet, who or what is to blame? In this day and age, so many things require our attention all at once. For example, we’ve got notifications from our social media accounts, updates from news websites and mass messages from group chats. How is one supposed to focus on a task with the bombardment of information 24/7? These notifications, updates, messages all seem to require our attention immediately, yet do they?

Try this: Do a 1-hour workout and leave your phone in your bag/locker. After the workout, look at all you’ve missed, and ask yourself if any of it required your immediate action. Did it affect anyone greatly when you gave no attention?

It is likely that the above practice will allow you to see that immediate attention is unnecessary. The notifications, updates, messages, emails, etc. are illusory calls for attention. Furthermore, unless you hold a position of great authority/responsibility or your boss is from hell, you will not need to attend to work matters with such urgency. Remember, time is the greatest currency.

Now that you realise that this rush to answer, to look, to comment is nonsensical, turn off the notifications and unsubscribe, as much as you can. Be mindful about your time, your precious time.


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